StuCo Initiates Increased Gym Hours

Chloe Eng '23 and Kaylie Tan '23, Contributor

Wanting flexible gym hours to accommodate students’ busy schedules, LC Student Council has raised efforts to extend the availability of the gym. Due to the rising student body complaints that the gym is not open for enough hours, the initiative was brought up during one of StuCo’s weekly meetings. StuCo was eager to implement more access and availability to the gym, which is currently only open after school.
“Looking at peer schools, the committee found that their gym hours were open throughout the day, even during school hours,” said Charlie Bourne ’23, a StuCo representative on the gym hours task group.
“During the week, the gym is often really crowded so we were trying to figure out a solution for this overcrowding especially with COVID going on and the school trying to find ways to limit covid exposure,” Bourne continued.
Aside from decreasing the COVID exposure associated with a densely packed indoor area, increasing gym hours allows students to have more choice in their routine. Members of StuCo plan to meet with Sue Cabot, Director of LC Athletics, to discuss the possibility of expanding open gym hours.
“I think that this is a golden opportunity for Loomis to rise and meet the standards that our peer schools have set and to continue to do whatever possible to improve the experience for Loomis Chaffee students,” Bourne added.
Students who frequently go to open gym hours were excited by the idea after it was proposed in StuCo’s email updates.
“It’s a good idea. I think it will support us gym bros” said Leon Pedenon ’22.
If all succeeds, and increased open gym hours come to fruition, there will be greater freedom for students who frequently utilize the school’s open gym hours.