Loomis Chaffee Sunday Softball Association

Ollie Iverson ’24 of the Nut Gatherers makes a catch.

Charlotte Millman '24, Web Director

The crack of balls against bats, cheering, and music are now the soundtrack of Sundays at Loomis Chaffee. First formed to revive sports competition last spring, the Loomis Chaffee Sunday Softball Association has resurfaced on the island.
The casual league consists of eight student-run teams that compete every Sunday on the Audrey softball field. Games are held at 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, and 2:00.
“Even if you’re not playing, the field has become a cool place to hang out on Sunday afternoons, especially when the weather is nicer,” said Jake Klein ’23.
Last year with the absence of sports competitions, a group of students now known as the Left Hook Softball Club began to practice every Sunday. By the end of the spring, competition developed between the “Hookmen” and another team now recognized as the Cancún Luchadors.
“[We] ended up having a pretty fierce rivalry towards the end of the year,” said Jake, a member of the Left Hook team.
The rivalry between the Luchadors and the Hookmen will continue into this year. However, one of the Luchadors’ key players, Will Reardon ’23, switched teams ahead of this season, and it now a member the Left Hook Club.
“Now that Reardon is on the Left Hook Softball Club, and we were both the original teams from last year, both teams have considered this opening week match-up a rivalry game,” said Owen Caliguiri ’24, who plays for the Luchadors.
The exciting opening week of match-ups took place on April 3rd. Additionally, the Nut Gatheres beat the Blonde Squad Softball Club, the Delta Devils won against the Gloves Off Softball Club, and the New Haven Jongabugs versus Zimbabwe Z-Bombers game was postponed due to rain.
“It was a great team win. I’m excited to get back out there this coming Sunday,” said Connor Bankoff ’24 of the Nut Gatherers team.
As the season progresses, so will team spirit. Already, teams have become competitive and are making guarantees to their fans that they will win.
“I’m looking very forward to the season leading Gloves Off. As even Doug Edert himself said, we will win this thing,” said Max Gelb ’24, team owner of Gloves Off.
The softball Sundays have become great opportunities for both players and fans to de-stress.
“Now, especially with the stress that many people are dealing with at Loomis, I hope Sunday Softball league gives people a chance to just forget about everything for a little bit and let their inner kid out,” said Klein.