Athletic Office Welcomes New Faculty

Charlotte Millman '24, Web Director

This academic year, Loomis Chaffee welcomes several new faculty members to the community. Among those are two additions to the athletic office: Dr. Ryan Wagner and Mr. Scott Halpern.
Dr. Wagner joins us as the Head of Athletic Training, having previously worked at the Connecticut Children’s Department of Sports Medicine and Orthopedics for three years.
“Formerly, I was the Head Athletic Trainer at two boarding schools in the state of New York, those being Millbrook School and Masters School,” Dr. Wagner said.
Dr. Wagner gained inspiration to pursue a career in sports medicine after suffering multiple sport-induced injuries. He was a tri-varsity athlete in high school, playing on the hockey, soccer, and track and field teams.
“After my collegiate running career was cut short due to chronic injury, I switched majors to Athletic Training after working with the sports medicine professionals during my rehabilitation,” Dr. Wagner said.
Dr. Wagner received his bachelor’s degree at Temple University, pursued a master’s degree in Exercise Science at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in Teaching at the University of Southern California, and he later returned to Temple to obtain his Doctorate of Athletic Training.
When asked what his favorite part of Loomis has been so far, he replied, “Getting to meet the students and watching our athletic competitions.”
Along with Dr. Wagner, Mr. Scott Halpern joined the LC community as the Assistant Athletics Director and boys varsity soccer Co-Head Coach. Additionally, Mr. Halpern is an affiliate in the Kravis dormitory and a supervisor for the Loomis Chaffee Athletics Association.
With so many responsibilities on campus, Mr. Halpern has the opportunity to interact with a considerable portion of the LC population.
“My favorite part about Loomis thus far has been the people. My new faculty cohort, returning faculty, and leadership team have all been extremely welcoming, and you feel part of the Loomis family as soon as you step foot on campus,” Mr. Halpern said.
Mr. Halpern has wanted to be a coach since he was twelve.
“The idea of helping people achieve something great and overcome adversity in a team setting was extremely powerful to me,” Mr. Halpren said.
Mr. Halpern launched his career at sixteen years old, coaching youth soccer. Immediately after college, he began coaching the men’s soccer team at the University of Connecticut, working his way up the ladder of responsibilities, ultimately finding talent in administration and management.
Mr. Halpern resolved to work at Loomis because of his personal motto.
“The school’s mission statement is essentially my own in that I wish to help others be their best self for the common good,” he said.
Community, specifically its betterment, is essential to Mr. Halpern. He aims to make the Island the best place it can be and give its students the best high school experience.
“I tell people all the time, ‘show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.’ At the end of the day, I wanted to be a part of this great community and associate myself with people who want to become their best selves,” Mr. Halpern concluded.