In the Loop: Episode 7

Anna Rebello '21, Aidan Gillies '21, Maral Asik '20, and Mr. Eric LaForest

Welcome to the seventh and final episode of Loomis’ student- and faculty- produced variety show, In the Loop!

This week’s episode includes:

  • Birthday Shoutouts with Aidan
  • Senior Shoutouts from students
  • The Log Segment: Senior Reflections by Sam Tishler
  • Advice to the Seniors from Ms. Duell
  • Introducing Next Year’s Student Council Cabinet

In case you want to kill some time in quarantine by catching up on or re-watching our old episodes, here are the links!

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Thank you to everyone who has watched or contributed to any of our episodes. This has been such a fun project for us, and we hope all of you have enjoyed it as much as we have.

Happy (almost) summer vacation! Let’s finish strong.

-In the Loop team