In the Loop: Episode 5

Anna Rebello '21, Aidan Gillies '21, Maral Asik '20, and Mr. Eric LaForest

Welcome to the fifth episode of Loomis Chaffee’s student- and faculty- produced variety show, In the Loop!

Click the link below to watch Anna, Aidan, Maral, and Mr. LaForest present interviews, stories, and fun segments to enjoy while you’re at home.

This week’s episode includes:

  • Birthday Shout-outs with Aidan
  • Advice Column (Teacher Takeover) with Mr. LaForest and Mr. Chaudhary
  • Feel Good Moment (Counseling Department) with Anna
  • Quarantine Test Kitchen (Disneyland Churros) with Maral
  • Funny News Stories (Animal Zoom Bombings) with Anna