Retirement Update from Ms. Grinspan

Pynn Harinsuit '23, Contributor

Although retired English faculty member Ms. Phyllis Grinspan decided to leave Loomis Chaffee in June 2020 after 23 years of teaching, she still keeps in touch with her Loomis faculty friends and cherishes the memories she formed here.

“You’re gonna laugh when I say this, but I actually miss the dining hall! [I also missed] the coffee machine that no one else really liked. I always had my coffee from the machine in the dining hall every morning, but now I have to make my own coffee at home,” Ms. Grinspan said.

Not only does Ms. Grinspan appreciate little details about Loomis like sharing stories over lunch, but she also says that she misses the school plays and the English Department meetings that she once complained about.

Ever since her retirement, Ms. Grinspan has been involved in many activities. In the morning, she and her friend go on walks together while updating each other on their personal lives and current issues. She follows some Instagram workouts at home after her morning walks.

Ms. Grinspan also enjoys activities that any English teacher would, reading and solving crossword puzzles on the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. With time to spare in the evening, Ms. Grinspan finally gets around to watching the Netflix shows that others recommended to her at Loomis.

Ms. Grinspan hopes to keep in touch with more of her former colleagues and hear many more stories about Loomis.

“I want to hear everything,” she said.