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The Loomis Chaffee Log

The Student Newspaper of The Loomis Chaffee School

The Loomis Chaffee Log

The Student Newspaper of The Loomis Chaffee School

The Loomis Chaffee Log

What we’re thankful for
What we’re thankful for
February 11, 2024
Prepare for cold
Prepare for cold
February 11, 2024
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New Faculty “Twitter Bios”

Larry Brackney

A new school year means fresh faces on campus! The LOG reached out to some faculty members who joined Loomis Chaffee this year to get to know them. We asked each new faculty member to write a “Twitter-bio” — a short introduction, no more than 160 characters, that may appear on someone’s Twitter personal profile — for their lives at LC. Here are some of their roles, aspirations, and fun facts:

Kevin Agostini
Head Athletic Trainer @ Loomis Chaffee / Saving the world, One ankle tape at a time / Dog dad to Cosmo / Future grill master in training / I love a good Dad Joke.

Kristen Logan
Finally back in New England! College app guru. Essay editor extraordinaire. Excited for JV girl’s hockey and winter in CT.

CJ Redd
Admissions Fellow ? | Varsity Basketball & JV Football Asst. Coach ?? | Dorm Affiliate & Asst. Student Activities Director | Hoops Trainer ?️ | Chess & Hip Hop Enthusiast ♟? | Creating lasting memories in Olcott ?

Caitlyn Welch
3 kids + 3 dogs + hobbies (??? ) = organized chaos

Cassie Black
Taping ➡️ Evaluating; Prehab ➡️Rehab; Acute ➡️Chronic; Non-Emergent➡️Emergency; just an athletic trainer trying to help athletes get better #TheresanATforthat

Kristen Newmark
Raised in NH. Love to travel – from MT to CO to Japan to Germany. Happiest when I’m outside. Favorite place in the world – northern Lake George, NY. Raising two powerful girls

Hannah Goodrick
If I think about my life as a chemical reaction, I wish I had more G “free energy” with which to combine the elements. #teacher #coach #violinist #triathlete

Linda Fisher
On a mission to empower the Loomis Chaffee community to confidently navigate the complex world of personal, community, and global finance. Economist, Teacher, Director of Financial Literacy, Nature Lover

Larry Brackney
Joining Loomis with 30+ years of engineering & teaching experience. Coach of robotics, living in Simsbury with wife and daughter. Platinumed Elden Ring– w00t!

Emma Lange
Balancing chalkboard wisdom with field strategy ??| Avid coffee drinker ☕ | Educator & Coach ? | Collegiate Hockey alum ? | Sushi aficionado ? | Green thumb in training ? | Dreaming of Zach Bryan & Noah Kahan concerts ? | Shaping minds, molding athletes, and sipping on life’s lessons ? | Excited for this journey of growth, learning, and relationship building ? | Cheers to education, sportsmanship, and java-fueled days! | #FlaggFlam #CoffeeAddict #NewFaculty #TEAMGREEN? #RollPelicans #BleedMaroon

Janelle Li
Penn Fellow in history; enjoying zines, Pokémon, and Raveena’s song “Circuit Board”!

Ben Snuffer
Web: New teacher, haven’t taught many lessons but life has taught me quite a few. #Travelinspires✈️ #BlackAndYellow⚫? El amor siempre gana?✝️

Andrew Beaule
Spanish teacher w/ passion for inspiring students to learn languages. XC, basketball & baseball coach. Harman Hall Affiliate. Believer in the power of raspberry desserts #FlyPelicansFly

Lindsay Beer
I run a zoo for tiny humans at home and mid-sized humans at work. Send coffee and snacks!

Liz Cashman
? Instruction & Outreach Librarian @KBL | Infolit enthusiast ? | Aspiring YAbookworm | Obsessed with myfam, Disney parks, & untold ever-evolving interests ✨

Mr. Matthew Kirkwood
Psychology Teacher | Soccer and Hockey Coach | Avid Manchester United Fan
AKA DJ Kirky | Positive Vibes Only

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