The Most Embarrassing Typos in Loomis History

Arthur Beaugeard '23, Staff Writer

Whoopsie Daisy! Let’s take a look back at some of the most legendary typos in Loomis Chaffee history.

  1. That time Dr. Culbert said it was “MILK” day in an email

Spare me from this painful memory — everyone showed up to the convocation, cup in hand, expecting to receive fresh milk from a giant cow. But alas, it was not to be. Maybe next year’s performances can include a Slovakian milk-spewing goat to emphasize the school’s international community.

  1. When a student spelled the word “Worcestershire” wrong so a teacher corrected them by spelling it “W-O-R-S-T-I-S-U-R-E”

God, this was cringe … Anish Rattan ’24 was trying to spell the word “Worcestershire” for his end-of-year history paper on English sauces, and almost got it correct, spelling the word “Worsestershire.” When this spelling was marked as incorrect, Anish asked his teacher for advice on how to spell the word, leading to Mr. Washington confidently replied that it was spelled “W-O-R-S-T-I-S-U-R-E,” loudly sounding out each letter with a satisfied grin on his face. Anish put the misspelling in his paper and subsequently received a zero on his assignment when Mr. Washington realized his mistake and felt incredibly stupid.

  1. Remember when convocation speaker Dr. Grindmore told us his name was spelled “G-R-I-N-D-M-O-R-R-E?”

On a day that lives on in infamy, convocation speaker and alum Dr. Grindmore informed the student body that his name was spelled “G-R-I-N-D-M-O-R-R-E” because he really didn’t want anybody to get it wrong. He was immediately booed out of Olcott, and tragically could never share his message of grinding no matter what hardship you’re facing, a lesson he learned the hard way by grinding his way through Western Idaho Community College despite a terrible case of acne. You were ahead of your own time.

  1. And lastly, “Loomis Chaffee” was supposed to be spelled “Lumis Chaffe”

At long last, the bombshell of this article: “Loomis Chaffee” was supposed to be spelled “Lumis Chaffe,” but the guy who engraved the school’s name on the big sign got it wrong and everyone just sort of rolled with it. The school’s founder thought that “Lumis” was a spell from Harry Potter and added “Chaffe” to the end, partially to avoid copyright infringement and partially because he had a shirt that was always chafing. Much to the chagrin of the school’s top administrators, this embarrassing secret was revealed after a deep dive into the archives.

There you have it, folks: The most embarrassing typos in Loomis Chaffee history. Let’s hope this article doesn’t cause profound reputational damage that fundamentally alters the course of someone’s life.