Isolation Celebration: How Will You Celebrate Your Last Zoom Day?

Samantha Tishler '23, Contributor

You press the “Leave Meeting” button on Zoom and with one click of that red, Arial-font button, your school year has come to a close. What will you miss the most about “Zoomis Chaffee?” Maybe it could be the occasional Zoom-bombers or the feeling when your teacher assigns you to a stacked breakout room.

Loomis Chaffee students would probably agree that this year’s last day of school will be the most…wait for it…anticlimactic. Some students may contemplate tossing their laptops out the window while others may change out of their pajamas and into their daytime sweatpants.

In order to spice up your last day of school celebration, here are some ideas that were given by your fellow students.

Kaleb Griffith ’23 suggested that students eat ice cream. After all, a sweet treat won’t hurt, right? Whether you eat Ben & Jerry’s or Friendly’s ice cream, it’s important to treat yo’self. You completed another year of school!

“When we get out of school, I am going to close out all of my homework tabs and solely have a Netflix tab,” said Izzy Balise ’23.

Andy Seo ’22 suggested exploring the outdoors and sleeping in. Embrace your inner nature and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Vitamin D is good for the body and soul. As for those international students who had to attend virtual school when the sun had barely risen, you can finally go back to a normal sleep schedule.

Social distancing can certainly be boring, but it’s important to celebrate your last day with some festivities. So enjoy some yummy treats, binge watch that new Netflix show, and ne cede malis!