Sweet Tunes: From an Ice Cream Business Owner to an Orchestra Director

Samantha Tishler, Contributor

Mr. Netta Hadari, the new Loomis Chaffee Orchestra Director, grew up all over the world but eventually found his way to the Loomis Chaffee community.

Mr. Hadari was raised by his Israeli parents in London, where he spent most of his childhood. During his teenage years, he moved to South Africa. To further his education, he completed his undergraduate degree at Southern Methodist University and his violin performance graduate degree at Yale University.

Hadari taught elementary school strings in Waterbury, CT and conducted the orchestra at Mount Holyoke College. He also worked part-time at Choate Rosemary Hall as the string orchestra director.

In addition to teaching, Mr. Hadari owned an ice cream business called What is Real Ice Cream. During the summer season, he would wheel around his tricycle and sell ice cream.

“When there is ice cream around, it is always a good occasion… I created something that, just like with music, that we can gather around to share,” Mr. Hadari said.

Photo by Paul Salerno

Coming to Loomis Chaffee, Mr. Hadari wanted to bring a different experience to the orchestra.

“We are not just playing what has been played in the past, but we are also creating something,” said Mr. Hadari.

“He’s really passionate about what he does,” violinist and orchestra member Prair Madden ’21 said.

In the new virtual learning environment, the Loomis Chaffee Orchestra continues to bring music to the community. Students record themselves playing compositions about the theme of belonging with a click-track and submit their recordings to Mr. Hadari.

“The finished product will be a compiled video of us playing a piece that embodies serenity,” said William Howley ’23.

“The reaction has been extraordinarily positive from all the students. A lot of the students are stepping up, hearing their voice, and participating…I am really excited in how it’s coming together so far,” Mr. Hadari said.

Mr. Hadari said that for him, “Music…is wonderful because it combines the brain and the heart together.” He emphasizes to his students that music is “not just a mind exercise, it is also a heart exercise.”

“Music and all wonderful art can make us feel transcendent, can heighten our emotions, can heighten our thoughts,” Mr. Hadari said.