Why Concert Credits are Worth Your Community Free

Talia Lee '25, Contributor

The Concert Credit program is a way for students to enjoy music, while learning more about their peers’ interests and supporting them. Loomis Chaffee’s extracurricular balance between athletics and arts is displayed through frequent student music performances. Concerts highlight students’ talent and immerse them in the school’s incredible arts program. Loomis builds a stronger community through support of students outside the classroom, whether that is on the sports field or on the stage.
A concert credit is given for attending a performance, typically during Community Time or, occasionally, the evening. It showcases students’ musical talents in the form of singing, piano, guitar, band groups, and much more. Susan Chrzanowski, Head of the Performing Arts Department and Choral/Vocal Director, explained that “every student involved in an ensemble or a music class has a requirement to choose three concert credits per trimester and that is part of their responsibility for the class.”
Although attending a concert credit may seem like a hassle for students busy with schoolwork, clubs, friends, and other obligations at an intense high school, spending the one-hour time block is well worth the effort. Concert credits are an essential part of the Loomis community. Ms. Chrzanowski added that during a concert, “students are supporting students, and that is huge.” It is essential that every student is valued for their hard work, interests, and talents, in order to create a supportive school environment.
Not only do Loomis students perform, but professional musicians are also invited to Loomis to do so. Ms. Chrzanowski says “students have direct access to performers around the country and are able to see music in action.” For example, last spring, Rajan Kapoor, who was a private cello instructor for about 10 students at Loomis, played one evening. It was a good opportunity for students, especially those taught by him, to listen to his full repertoire.
Performers benefit greatly from sharing their music with students. Ms. Chrzanowski explained that “student performers are able to try something new.” Being able to share one’s musical passion in Loomis’ warm environment allows student performers to grow their confidence and share their talent among peers.
Students positively view concert credits and enjoy attending performances. Graham Wiggenhauser ’25 said that concert credits “allow you to see your friends and also allow you to go with your friends that you have in choir.” Being with friends especially during Community Time is crucial to the well being of students. Students get to support their classmates but also spend time with peers at concert credits through the shared experience of music. Additionally, Graham shared that concert credits “are fun because you get to see everyone perform.”
When asked about the time commitment to attending performances, Graham pointed out “losing a Community Free or losing some time after school … but since it is only 30 minutes to an hour, it is not that big of a deal.”
Overall, concert credits build community and allow students to learn more about their peers. Loomis Chaffee’s music and concert credit performances are crucial to appreciate student art and talent.