Fun Facts with New Faculty

Fedora Liu '24, Features Section Editor

Mr. Scott Halpern
I almost made it on Disney Channel.

Dr. Ihab Ismail
Before I became a molecular biologist, I used to see things as they are from outside. But now, it is more difficult: my mind routinely takes me beyond what my eyes see. Of plants, for example, my eyes see very briefly a tree or a flower, but my mind digs into the molecular level and imagines how the water flows from roots to stem to leaves to the air around…It drastically changes my perspective on life.

Mr. Justin Daniels:
My fun fact is that I interned at the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead, and I had the joy of training seals, sea lions, and river otters.. Jo

Dr. Jo Dexter:
When I was working on my PhD at Johns Hopkins, one of the many part-time jobs I held to keep myself fed was as a movie reviewer for the now-defunct Baltimore City Paper. I took freehand notes with a penlight and sometimes only had two hours to write a lengthy review essay after previewing a film; during the yearly Baltimore film festival, I sometimes had to turn in five or six reviews at a time. If I’d ever had any anxiety around deadlines, that experience cured it.

Dr. Tina Hamel
I have had dinner a few times with Dr. Henry Lee and Dr. Michael Baden to discuss forensic cases and the scientific technology which allowed them to solve the cases…It has also taught me that no matter how old you become, you can still have value to younger generations.

Ms. Katharine Conklin
​​My fun fact is probably as follows: I can say words backwards 🙂

Ms. Sandrine Sebag
Fun fact about me: I particularly like the letter Z. All the pets I had growing up had names which started with the letter Z… My dog Zaika, my turtle Zazou, my bunny Ziggy and my bird Zephyr

Ms. KC Lawler
I have moved at least 14 times in the last 27 years.
I have held hands with a wallaby. (It was the wallaby’s choice to do so.)
I am related to a famous artist.

Mr. Chris Blondin
I love to disc golf and I have shot 4 hole-in-ones.

Mr. Khang Le
My fun fact is that I have a cat named Segan, who’s 9 years old, weighs barely 4 pounds, and was born on Pi Day.

Mrs. YoonJee Kwak
My husband and I have moved across the country three times with our cat, Nilla. NY – MT – WA – CT
(I am very proud of her!)

Dr. Zachary Grobe
For my fun fact, I’m interested in writing technologies and have a collection of antique typewriters.